Wednesday, June 20, 2007

JPMC Corp Challenge 2007

It was that time of the year again - when I do the annual run for 3.5 miles through oceans of people and the lush greenery of Central Park, to win the prize of 2 T'shirts. You can be sure that if I do end up in a position of power and become corrupt, I will be easily bribed. We had the Irish Terence running this time (Leander Murphy), who completed in a healthy 30 minutes, while I had to carry along the good food I've been eating at home for the past few months, and managed to finish the torture in just under 40.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

A R Rahman in Concert

Yashodhan, Chhordibhai, Ma, Baba, Soma and I went to see A R Rahman and his entourage (Sadhna Sargam for one) at the Nassau Coliseum. I had been to a similar show a few years back, but didn't remember the experience - had fallen asleep at some point. After a re-visit, I remembered why I fell asleep in the first place. The show was an expensive college fest, of sorts. The songs were unorganized. The MC was positively irritating. A sense of randomness in the air. Our recent concert visits - Usha Uthup, Bhoomi, Pink Floyd - all exhibited a remarkable sense of organization and professionalism that was missing here.

That said, it was an evening / night well spent - I particularly liked the drummer, Sivamani, who was the keystone of the party.