Saturday, June 16, 2007

A R Rahman in Concert

Yashodhan, Chhordibhai, Ma, Baba, Soma and I went to see A R Rahman and his entourage (Sadhna Sargam for one) at the Nassau Coliseum. I had been to a similar show a few years back, but didn't remember the experience - had fallen asleep at some point. After a re-visit, I remembered why I fell asleep in the first place. The show was an expensive college fest, of sorts. The songs were unorganized. The MC was positively irritating. A sense of randomness in the air. Our recent concert visits - Usha Uthup, Bhoomi, Pink Floyd - all exhibited a remarkable sense of organization and professionalism that was missing here.

That said, it was an evening / night well spent - I particularly liked the drummer, Sivamani, who was the keystone of the party.


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