Sunday, September 21, 2008

Caleb Smith State Park

Long Island has an abundant number of state parks - for this morning, we decided to check out the Caleb Smith Sate Park in Smithtown. Should have been a mere 20 minute ride from our apartment, but it took more than an hour, mostly because we took a wrong turn right at the start and went into Huntington (heading west) instead of Smithtown (heading east). That happens.

As a park, and a Sunday stroll, it was awesome. Nice, quiet trails, clearly and frequently marked, and the no pet policy meant - unlike Connetquot - we didn't have to yield to horses or walk through the dung smells.

If anyone wants to know, we took the yellow trail, then on to the blue, and back to the yellow - 2.5 miles in all, and took us an hour at a snail's pace (with many stops for pictures). The weather was perfect, bugs were minimal, and it was very calming to see steam rising from the grass.