Saturday, November 11, 2006

Kali Puja 2006

This was my first Kali Puja in the US - and, by extension, the same for Soma as well. The day started off by us going over to Jethun-Mamoni-Chhordibhai-Yash's place for Bijoya (belated), with delicious peas kachori and aalur dum served as a part of the vegetarian treat (being Kali Puja day! If all vegetarian dishes were as tasty, I would not mind converting at all. After eating just enough food to make us feel more like pythons than human, we decided to go over and check out a Kali Puja that Yash/Chhordibhai had earmarked out of the many in Queens. It was a nice, small, quiet affair - as seen above.


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